Can Engineering–Architecture–Construction and Tourism Investment Ltd. Co. Has founded in Istanbul at the year 2000 by Nevzat ERCANLI and Mehmet ERCANLI

Depending on economic and trade development partnership structure has changed Mehmet Ercanli separated from the company by selling his shares, Doruk Anıl ALKAN participated as a partner to our company.

Our technical staff has upgaraded by joining the Professional members to company

Our company has afew Project In Turkey and out of country.


We are working since 2000,all around the world ;Libya, Tunisia,Afganistan, Pakistan on planing, engineering, consulting and contracting projects.

Can Engineering–Architecture–Construction and Tourism Investment Ltd. Co. / has been completed Project preparetions and constructing motorway,
bridges, treatment plant, industry structures , buildings, social living
places and sport center projects till now.

Our Company has been completed the all engineering, consulting and contracting projects with upper level Professional technical staff in sort
time and very good quality.


Since the problems of the human being and also the society have been very complicated in our days. We are aware that it is not a right way to look for the solutions limited only by the concepts of the engineering and architecture. But to solve them with alternatives. Being a solution partner of our Customer.


Our start point is the conscious of union. When we are partners of our Employees. We always keep in mind to protect the environment an to feel socially the responsibility of creating employement opportunities.

We, who adopt the most modern technology. Should not forget that we are luckier than our colleagues who engraved the stones before centries. Our virtues shared with them are our honesty and respect to our work.